Русская версия
Light solutions of professional architects, that distinguish
an object among others and preserve architecture
What is the value of an object?
An object which stands out, transforms to
a center of attraction, appears in photos,
becomes popular. Objects require up to
12 hours illumination a day not to fade
into darkness. For 15 years we come up
with original solutions, which show high
quality architecture in the best light,
attract attention to the objects, cause
approval of professionals and admiration
of spectators.
We study interaction of an object with
it’s surroundings, to understand which
emotions the light awakens.
The real light architecture – the final touch
in a complicated creative process. Properly
designed light is aimed to complement and
enrich the author’s idea without misrepresen-
tation. In the Hotel “Moskva” thought-out
architectural lighting emphasize the volume’s
monumentality and delicately accentuate
architectural details.

Dmitriy Sverdlovskiy,
Chief architect of the project
Hotel “Moskva”
How to avoid
We developed and realized more then
500 different architectural lighting
projects for interiors, facades and
landscape. Our practical experience
helps you to get interesting solution
with no cheating and exercising at
your expense. We are against banal
flirting with light, simple coloring
of facades and disposal of cast-off
stock equipment; neither we approve
the use of last century’s tricks.
Modern ideas, delivery within deadlines
and the best price – we are the company
specialized in innovative comprehensive
You have little time and a lot of work. That’s why we do not
hold long roundabout conversations. With no redundant words
we offer only proven and specific solutions, which will save
your time and help to quickly achieve desired results within
a short time.
“Budget”, “deadlines”, “warranties” - for us are not only beautiful
words for presentations, therefore you get economical solutions and
the best working conditions with the equipment’s manufacturer, that
we offer you. You feel our support and save your money, both while
we are realizing a project and after an object completion date.
You have an opportunity to make it unique, stand out from the
gray series of primitive objects and fulfill your creative and
professional ambitions. Together with us you will create original
projects, remaining within the modest budget and, of course,
deadlines. It creates added value and increases the value of the
object and, therefore, your own, making the result of this work
even more valuable.
Who are we already working with?
  • AST
  • Joint-Stock Financial Corporation SISTEMA
  • Barkli
  • Vedis Group
  • Hals Development
  • Gletcher
  • DecMos
  • Donstroy
  • Inteco
  • Interros
  • Krost
  • Kuzneckij most development
  • Marina Group
  • OPIN
  • Ostov
  • PIK Group
  • The government of Moscow
  • JSC RZDv
  • Tashir
  • Holding Center
  • AB Development
  • AFI Development
  • Capital Group
  • Crocus Group
  • O1 Development
  • PSN Group
  • ABV Group
  • Sergey Skuratov Architects
  • ABTB
  • Tsimailo Lyashenko & partners
  • Mosproject-2
  • Mosproject-3
  • Mochalov & partnert
  • Pole-design
  • Project Meganom
  • Project 2018
  • Restavrator-M
  • TPO Reserve
  • Cie
  • David Chipperfi ld
  • Fuksas
  • Gia Equation
  • John McAslan + Partners
  • ks:architecture
  • LAPD
  • Swanke
  • Artemide
  • CentrSvet
  • ERCO
  • Esta
  • Griven
  • iGuzzini
  • Ing. Castaldi
  • Miwel
  • MCI
  • Platek
  • Putevi
  • Renaissance Construction
  • Rosa Vostok
  • Strabag AG
  • Viabizzuno
  • Vibia
  • Zumtobel
  • Kaskad-Energo
  • MonArch
  • Mospromstroy
  • MCY-1
  • JSC RZDstroy
  • Southbrook UK Limited
Factory “Bolshevik”
How do we achieve results?
In our conceptual designs we
use engineering approach, which
eliminates relying on “like-dislike”
We analyze initial data, future project
site, and existing world examples.

We study project’s history, goals and
objectives, marketing materials.

We work out dozens of options,
exclude the most common ones.

Only after all those steps we start
working on the metaphor of a future
object, the main idea.

As a result conceptual design is
developed, which compliments
architecture, intensifies impression
and evoke vivid emotions.
We offer the final price for equipment
outright, and do not deceive with
discounts and hidden markups.

We specialize in distribution of iGuzzini
illuminazone factory equipment.

We work accordingly the price-lists
which are being published by the
manufacturer itself.

We provide extra-discounts when
registering a project.

We deliver your order to a project site

We provide 5-years warranty for
If we decide on cost of our work, it
remains the same until an object
completion date.

You don’t have any “unexpected
expenses”, which increase agreed

We provide choice of materials and

We carry out installation on our own.

We provide supervision and maintenance

We teach and consult operating staff.
All the projects are “turnkey”, from a concept to agreement, delivery and installation.
Leningradskiy Train Station
Yaroslavskiy Train Station
Kazanskiy Train Station
Who are we?
First of all we are architects.
And only then light designers,
light engineers, 3d-modelers,
managers and salesmen. That’s
why you will never get wrapped
around columns Duralight ropes,
bundles of blinding projectors,
facades spiked with brackets.
We know a lot about good quality
lighting solutions and are always
ready to share our knowledge
with you.
Our company consists of
3 departments, each of which
is occupied with its favorite job.
Project department

Develops conceptual design, project
and as built documentation. Creates
our conceptual designs and adapts
foreign samples considering Russian
standards requirements. Is involved
in project coordination at any
project stage.
Trading department

Delivers lighting fittings, switches,
sockets, lighting control systems
directly, with no intermediaries,
at manufacturer’s prices. For all
orders processed through our company
5-year warranty is provided.
and installation

Organizes the entire production
process from laying cable to
commissioning works and delivery
of a project to maintenance
service. Location of projects
is not limited to Moscow. We
also work in St. Petersburg,
Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar,
Stavropol, Sochi and Yalta.
Residential complex “Sadovye Kvartaly”
What to begin with?
Tell us about your project,
and we will prepare preliminary
study and offer design solution.
It’s such a rarity - to find
like-minded people.

So here we are.
Business center «Domnikov Plaza»
* Ultimatum (Latin ultimus) - the final demand
The real light
is always
inside us.
Ultimatum Group
Lighting Projects
and Installations

103031, Moscow,
Stoleshnikov lane, 7-2
+7 495 629-40-12